About Leinbach Machinery Implements

Leinbach Machinery has been around since 1971.  They have been manufacturing farm equipment and developing tractor attachments at a great value for almost 40 years.  That’s why Leinbach Machinery’s products have been labeled by current owners as inexpensive excellence.    Simplicity and durability are a couple of characteristics when describing Leinbach Machinery’s wide range of tractor implements. 

Leinbach Machinery Post Hole Digger mounted on a tractorThe most popular piece of machinery available from Leinbach is their auger bit post hole diggers.  These rugged, PTO driven earth drills are constructed of tubular steel and feature an oil lubricated gearbox.   The gearbox delivers the torque efficiently to the bit while ensuring a long life using tapered roller bearings.  Leinbach Machinery makes their post hole diggers in various models to fit different horse power tractors, and the auger bits come in a range of diameters.   The Leinbach L7300 is one of the full size models of post hole diggers, and would bolt right up to a 32-50 HP full size tractor.  The Leinbach Machinery L7300 uses a category one 3 point hitch, and are powered by the PTO.

Attachments Manufactured by Leinbach Machinery

Leinbach Machinery Bale Spear 3 point hitchLeinbach Machinery provides a wide array of quality tractor equipment. Other Leinbach Machinery products  include, tractor mounted pulverizers, PTO driven sprayers, landscaper rakes, root rakes, 3 point hitch disc harrows dirt mover scoop pans, multiple angle scrape blades with optional swinging offset, tow behind water fillable ARP aerators, drag harrows, straw incorporators, tractor attachable cultipackers, utility graders, carry all utility forks, hay forks, bale spears, trailer mover receiver hitches, pine straw rakes, one bottom tractor plows, two bottom tractor plows, lawn pluggers, 3 point hitch hay bale unrollers, garden bedders, field bedders, boom pole attachments, and certainly more equipment to come.  Leinbach Machinery is always looking for new ways to transform your tractor into an agricultural work horse.

Cultipacker Attachment - Leinbach Machinery

Where to Find Leinbach Machinery Equipment

There are many places to find machinery offered by the Leinbach company. Leinbach Machinery is a "dealer only" manufacturer, meaning you will have to locate an authorized dealer to make your purchase. Of course this has its benefits when choosing the correct size and model attachment for your specific tractor. There is one online store that is authorized to sell Leinbach Machinery implements that has great customer service, offers free shipping to most of the east coast, and has unbeatable prices. That internet superstore is called "EverythingAttachments.com" and they also have very educational videos demonstrating their Leinbach Machinery equipment in action!